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Members and associates, galleries and artists - please read these Guidelines carefully:

Together with the Terms and Conditions and the other documents, agreements and materials incorporated therein (collectively referred to as the “rules” or "guidelines"), they govern your use of the services provided to you by


While© encourages and supports the free flow of information and ideas over the internet
,© expects that you will act legally, responsibly and be considerate of others.

© reserves the right, but does not bear the responsibility, to prohibit or delete any communication or content which© in its sole discretion determines to be unlawful, potentially harmful to others or may expose
© to harm or liability. By content, we mean the text, software, communications, images, sounds and other information provided online, hosted or transmitted in connection with or as a result of the services provided to you. You agree that all claims, disputes or wrongdoing which result from, or which are related in any way to, the content of information that you transmit, re-transmit, host or receive through the services are your sole and exclusive responsibility.

If you post, upload or transmit content or material to your personal website, or member areas (e.g. message boards, newsgroups, forums and mailing lists), you are requesting© and/or its partners to make this content possibly available to other members, and you understand that such parties might copy, modify or distribute such materials. Additionally, you are confirming that you are the owner of such material or have authorization to distribute it anywhere, and you expressly grant© ARTplacing.comthe complete right to use, reproduce, modify and/or distribute the content in any form, anywhere.

© as the owner of material developed by ©, with complete copyright notes this material in the following common way:

© marked files and documents are protected under regular copyright laws.

© marked files and documents are free of certain copyrights.

© does not generally monitor the conduct of its users nor communication or content distributed, hosted or posted through the services, and you acknowledge© is unlikely to be permanently aware of violations of law or these rules or misconduct occurring through the services. If you send an online communication (e.g., e-mail, posting, instant message), host or post any content, you bear full responsibility for the content. You are responsible for using reasonable efforts to screen any unwanted material and reporting any offensive or illegal communications to

Unlawful Purposes : You may not transmit, distribute, host or store material, or participate in any conduct, that may violate any applicable local or international law or regulation. This includes, without limitation:

- any unauthorized use of material protected by patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right;
-material that is defamatory, obscene, constitutes an illegal threat or harassment, violates export or import control laws, or is used to commit fraud or any other activity that is prohibited by criminal or civil law;
-material that posts or discloses personal identifiable information or private information of individuals under the age of 18 or in connection with materials directed towards children under the age of 18 without verifiable parental consent;
- material that provides, sells or offers to sell the following: controlled substances, illegal drugs and drug contraband, alcohol, weapons, pirated materials, pornography or sexual products, programs to attack others, illegal goods or services, escort services or similar activities, instructions on making, assembling or obtaining illegal goods or weapons, information used to break, copyright, violate the trademark of or to destroy others’ property or information used to illegally harm any people or animals;
-material that exploits children under the age of 18;
-material that takes part in, or allows any third party to take part in, the following: reverse engineering, reverse compiling or otherwise deriving the underlying source code, structure or sequence of the technology, altering copyright notices and attributes (unless you have written permission by the legal owner); or
-material or conduct which © defines to be unlawful, offensive or harmful.

Notification of copyright infringement or any other illegal activity should be sent to:


You may not transmit, distribute, host or store unwanted materials, offensive content, disabling code or any other materials that may impact the service or user experience. This includes, without limitation:

viruses, trojan horse programs, logic bombs, worms and messages which include character sequences intended to control the recipient’s computer or display screen;
make-money fast schemes, pyramid or chain letters;
fraudulent offers, threats or harassment;
-postings to a newsgroup in violation of its rules, charter or FAQ;
-material that includes or contains links to pornography or foul language;
-material that is obscene, lewd, lascivious, excessively violent or otherwise objectionable;
-material that is racist or otherwise offensive, including material which aggravates, harasses, threatens, defames or abuses others such as bigotry, prejudice, racism or hatred and promotion, assistance or -information of any type related to violence against governments, groups, organizations or individuals;
-storage of log files or non-HTML content unless expressly allowed as part of the Service;
-password-only, hidden, or restricted access pages unless expressly allowed as part of the Service; or
-any material, content, code, transmission or other use of the service that would violate © rules or terms.

You may not use the services to violate any applicable law or regulation including violation of the SPAM-rules, any other anti-spam law or any rule, policy or procedure of © including, without limitation:

- sending any form of unsolicited commercial or bulk online communication;
- facilitating spam or collecting responses from spam;
- sending large volumes of unsolicited e-mail to individuals;
- sending threatening or harassing e-mail;
-incorporating a false subject line, false return address or false transmission path into an online communication;
- cross-posting excessive messages to newsgroups;
- sending chain letters;
- using e-mails to facilitate a pyramid scheme;
- sending a mail bomb (mail bombing is defined as the sending of numerous and/or large files or messages to one or more recipients with malicious intent);
- sending threatening or harassing e-mails
- using your account as a substitute for storage devices or for any other use other than bone fide e-mail use;
- leaving excess amounts of unopened e-mail in your account;
- using any automatic process for sending or receiving e-mail;
- use your account for illegal peer-to-peer file sharing; or
- any other use of your account that would violate © rules or terms.

Mail Accounts may not be used as a dropbox or repository for responses for unsolicited advertisements (including, but not limited to, inquiries, complaints, unsubscribes or bounced messages). Subscribers may be fined for each day this provision is violated. Full payment of fines will not prevent visible4 com from terminating the offending account or seeking legal remedies against the responsible subscribe, including damages or an injunction.

To report a case of spamming, please e-mail to the address on the website:


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